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When God Speaks

by David Diggory

If you can hear a word or two,
Yet no sound of a voice,
The wisest thing that you can do,
Is see you have a choice:
Believe in nothing, and pretend
Your craziness will go,
Or wait a second: apprehend
The hidden God on show.

He does not come in violence,
With quakes or stormy air;
He will visit you in silence,
When no-one else is there.
How do you know it’s God? He’ll choose
The subject on your mind,
And furthermore, should you refuse
To listen, He’ll be kind.

But his sentences will teach you,
As confidant and guide;
If it’s needed, He’ll impeach you,
And leave no place to hide,
While the noiseless words and matter,
That tell you what to do,
Will dispel all anxious chatter,
For God then spoke to you!