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Light Came Out of His Mouth

by Julie Mitchell

And when He spoke
Light came out of His mouth
And the light was a clearing force
To the atmosphere it pushed aside immediately in front of the entrance to His mouth

His breath wrapped in speech
Broke through the fog
Emotional, spiritual fog
And the people sitting in front of Him listening
Had their hearts thrown open
Their ears syringed
Their nostrils suddenly filled with fresh air
Air like no other

And the truth-air was powerful
It cracked open mountains
And buckled metal
Shackles stretched open, popping out rivets

And the truth-air wasn’t shouted
It was quietly spoken
It was understated, undeniable power
Power at deep ease with itself
Power nestled in the bosom of true authority

Some of the hearers ran away screaming
Their hands over their ears, coughing and grimacing
With gassed tears streaming down their reddened faces

Some hearers sat there listening
Their mouths agog
Their eyes closing in relief and bliss
All known and unknown thirsts being quenched
As the light coming from His mouth
With all that fog-clearing power
Rebirthed them where they sat
They did nothing
They just listened and received

Each one made their own decision
Or stay

No one could stop Him