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The Prayer Poem

by David Diggory

Here’s a thought that might assist,
When riding stormy weather:
Through finding good in trouble,
We’ll reach safe shores together.

I’ve spoken to my neighbour,
On the mobile telephone.
“Long time, no speak. How are you?”
And enjoyed a jolly moan.

I’ve done essential shopping,
Reassuring those in doubt:
Swerved one way, then the other,
On an unseen roundabout.

When on the daily walking,
I’ve discovered, with surprise,
Our golden city’s silent,
‘Neath the clearest, bluest skies.

I’ve heard the chaffinch chirping,
Quite indifferent to our plight;
Come evening, stars are blazing,
With an ever- brighter light.

I’ve time to do the housework
(Not to say it’s being done)
And figure out the crossword
(Though the prize is still not won).

I’ve even tried some cooking,
And my recipes amaze:
Tried spuds, as no spaghetti,
In an English Bolognese!

Appreciate the lovely,
In this unexpected way:
When settling down at nighttime,
You might clasp your hands and pray.

“Dear God, please stop these troubles,
For we know it’s in your power;
Give strength to all the needy,
Who are struggling by the hour.

Give strength to those, your servants,
Who are working to your will,
Who bring relief and comfort,
To the worried, and the ill.

Yes, bring relief and comfort,
With your firm but gentle hand,
Restore us all, as nations,
To the health you always planned.

When this, at last, is over,
While reflecting on our life,
Please help us to remember,
All that mattered most, in life.”