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Artist in Residence

Aleta Doran

“I love being Artist in Residence at Chester Cathedral – it is a joy to spend time in such a beautiful and inspiring building.  I never tire of the mosaics, carvings and stained glass, and there is always something new to discover as I wander around with my camera and my sketchbook.

Originally trained as an illustrator, I became a mosaicist following a trip to Italy in 1997.  My mosaics are inspired by examples I have seen on my travels in the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey and the US, and by the nature of the glass itself.  My work is characterised by expressive colour, fluid lines and attention to detail. I also find inspiration in music and poetry.

My other interests include sacred geometry, astronomy and church architecture. I am particularly interested in the depiction of angels in art.

I am an experienced teacher and enjoy delivering mosaic workshops for both adults and children. I have enjoyed making a mosaic with school children and families during my time at Chester Cathedral.

I am looking forward to curating an exhibition of mosaics at Chester Cathedral in Spring 2022.  ‘Constellations’ will include new and exciting work by members of the British Association for Modern Mosaic.”  Full details of the Constellations event can be found here.

For further information about Aleta, click here.

Follow Aleta on Facebook and Instagram: @aletadoranmosaics and @reflections_of_angels and on Twitter: @StargazingAleta