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Giving in Faith Group – Help for the Covid Crisis in India through USPG

by Christine Burkett

I am sure you will have seen the news stories from India in recent weeks, as a second and more severe wave of Covid-19 has struck the country. The desperate search by families for help for their loved ones has been both shocking and moving.

On 6 May, USPG’s Regional Manager for Asia and the Middle East, Revd Davidson Solanki said “India is going through an unprecedented time due to the devastating impact of the second wave of Covid-19. There have been 20 million infections and over 225,000 deaths. Churches have been severely affected. Nevertheless, they are responding to the crisis through their medical institutions.” (from USPG’s website).

Though the impact has been felt across the whole country, the city of Dehli has featured a lot in news reports.  The Cathedral supports a particular USPG project in Dehli.  This is the Dehli Brotherhood Society’s Women’s Helpline, run through the Church of North India.

USPG has launched an appeal to support the Churches in both North and South India to provide care to the sick.  In Dehli, they are supporting St Stephen’s Hospital with the purchase of an intensive care ventilator, three medical monitors and two BiPAP machines.  This is in response to a request for medical equipment which has come directly from the Church of North India, who administer St Stephen’s.

You can read more about USPG ‘s current support to the Churches in India on their website here.  If you would like to donate to the work in India, you can go directly to this link here.

Chester Cathedral regularly supports the work of the United Society Partners in the Gospel (USPG) – this is part of the work of the Giving in Faith Group.  USPG is the Anglican mission agency that partners churches and communities worldwide in God’s mission to enliven faith, strengthen relationships, unlock potential and champion justice.