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The Mission group fundraisers are still actively supporting the good causes we have chosen in the cathedral, ie Kondopoga, Education, the Church in North India (through USPG) and Malawi.  Separate updates will be forthcoming from Christian Aid and the Foodbank very soon.  In Kondopoga the schools are closed again in response to the second wave of infection.  The church team led by Father Lev are continuing to deliver food parcels to the families of vulnerable children and they are also able to have children in parish house to help them catch up with the schoolwork they have missed during the pandemic crisis.  These children need more than food and, as we know from this country, vulnerable children are more likely to underachieve academically than children with supportive families.

The fundraising group has raised over £1500 so far this year, which is amazing considering the constraints we have been working under!  Nearly £900 of that is from jams and preserves, as well as plants sold earlier in the year.   We were only able to do our usual jams and cards sale on Sunday mornings on one Sunday before the second lockdown, but there is still plenty left for when the lockdown is lifted.  In the meantime, if you would like any preserves or St Gregory’s Foundation Christmas cards please contact me on 01244 312188 and arrange to collect from my house.  Many thanks to our intrepid jam-makers, especially Lyn Barritt and Caroline Dennis.

If you are considering making charitable donations in lieu of Christmas shopping this year, please remember us!  You can give donations direct to the Foodbank, to Christian Aid, to USPG, to the cathedral for Education or to me (or St Gregory’s Foundation) for Kondopoga.  Alternatively you can send it to me to be divided between them: Emrys, Kilmorey Park Road, Hoole, Chester CH2 3QT.  After Christmas, if you are given anything you do not want please consider donating it to us for a sale when we are next allowed to have one.  I sell higher value items on eBay, through their charitable giving platform, with some success.  For instance this year I raised well over £100 for two tinplate toys and I have just sold a map for £50.  If you have anything you no longer need and would like to donate it to us I am happy to put it on eBay while we await the next opportunity for a sale.

Thank you to everyone who supports us, it is good to know we are not alone in this crisis and are able to reach out to others.

Jane Jones