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Faith in Poetry Discussion Group

An invitation from the Poet-in-Residence…

It’s been said that ‘poetry is the person of faith’s native language,’ yet to some it brings back memories of schooldays spent trying to crack the code of an incomprehensible text. So how can the language of poetry relate to the journey of faith? And how can we relate to the language of poetry?

In a monthly series of discussion groups we will explore these two questions. Each session will introduce an aspect of poetry to enrich our appreciation of how it works. We will follow this by reading and discussing some faith-related poems. We will cover a range of poets and approaches, from traditional to innovative, past to contemporary, and chosen mainly from a Christian perspective.

Whether you are a poetry-lover or admit to a touch of metrophobia (fear of poetry!), you are welcome to join us.

Julia McGuinness

Participation is free, but please register to let us know you are coming.  Register your attendance here.
Venue: The Library, Chester Cathedral
Time: 12 noon -1.30pm

Session 1 | Monday 9 September
What makes poetry different from other types of writing? Why are many holy texts of the world’s religions found in poetic form?

Session 2 | Monday 14 October
God in a Box?
How can poetry bring structure to life’s big concerns? From sonnet to free verse, what influences a poet’s choice of form?

Session 3 | Monday 11 November
Through a Glass Darkly…
Why does poetry rely so heavily on image and imagination? What makes this currency of language especially appropriate for exploring themes of faith?

Session 4 | Monday 9 December
The Second Music
How does poetry takes us on a journey from what is happening to what is going on? How can we listen for the different elements of its music?