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by Poet in Residence, Julia McGuinness

This is my body
This is my blood

The cosmos is a canvas
crazy-paved with life,
whirling in turmoils
beyond what I can unravel,
swirls of uncontainable sea,
thriving twine of pungent roots.
I lift helpless hands.
pray for me

Time and seasons spin
a darkling weave, shadow and light.
Sun’s rays spear the sky by day;
white stars prick the night like nail-prints.
Beneath Calvary-contoured hills,
silent seeds fall to earth,
drops of blood through rain of tears.
pray for me

Into the midst the Maker comes,
offering self in worldly disguise:
gifts of cup, of loaf.
This alone is within my grasp;
rough crust on my fingers; wine at my lips.
I taste the grace in grain and grape,
as the wild bird sings to the listening black.
pray for me