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Join us for one of our ARK Public Education Programme events.  Please select the event you wish to attend below – and a list of available sessions will then be shown. View our ARK Public Education Programme.

ARK Lectures

Our ARK lecture series features some of the art world’s leading practitioners and academics. You can hear from some of the sculptors involved in the exhibition including internationally renowned artists Almuth Tebbenhoff and Peter Randall-Page.

Please select the ARK Lecture you wish to book:
Maggie Jackson
Dr Tom McGuirk
Simon O’Rourke
Almuth Tebbenhoff

ARK Masterclasses

Our varied programme of ARK masterclasses provide an opportunity to explore the exhibition and its key themes in more detail.  The sessions, led by expert tutors and practising artists, explore traditional and non-traditional art-making processes.

Please select the ARK Masterclass you wish to book:

Chainsaw Carving – one session remains – 26 August 2017
Over the course of four weeks, local artist Simon O’Rourke will work with a tree trunk to create a sculpture of an angel.  Using his chainsaw, Simon will sculpt a figure in the cathedral grounds which will stand approximately 12 feet tall.  It will be displayed for the duration of the exhibition.  Simon will ‘live carve’ during each session as well as explaining his techniques and offering tips for beginners.  To book, click here.

Cut / Carve / Cast Sculpture  Workshop – 11 September 2017
This workshop will allow attendees to get to grips with the age-old art of metal casting. Casting is the process from which solid metal shapes (castings) are produced by lling voids in moulds with liquid metal. The workshop will explore the basic steps involved in making castings – including pattern making, moulding, melting, pouring, shakeout, heat treating and inspection. Participants will then be given the opportunity to create a nished piece of work to take home. The workshop will take place at Chester Cathedral (morning) and the University of Chester (afternoon).  To book, click here.

Photography – 9 September 2017
If your holiday shots of the places you visit disappoint, then this is the photography workshop for you. The workshop is aimed at amateur photographers who want to take the next step into using some of the manual functions and basic settings of their camera. Participants will explore the sculptures within the ARK exhibition and experiment with using natural light to capture them at their best and look at the composition of photographs. There will also
be a demonstration on how to process and edit photographs to maximise their impact. Bring your camera and your camera manual.  To book, click here.

ARK Workshops

Are you ready for some creative play?  Our ARK inspired workshops are fun for all the family. Why not try your hand at clay modelling, felt making or den building?

Please select the ARK Workshop you wish to book:

Clay Modelling – all events have now passed.
Community Nature Sculpture – all events have now passed.
Thank you to those that took part; why not share your creations with us on Twitter at @ChesterCath

Den Building – dates during August 2017
Using natural resources such as wood, sticks, leaves and mud, this workshop will equip attendees with the skills to build a communal shelter or den of their very own. The dens will be situated on the Dean’s Field and their construction will focus on the theme of an ark as a place of shelter and refuge. The workshop leader will demonstrate building techniques and once the den is complete the workshop group will sit inside it and share a drink to underpin the communal feel of the shelter.  To book, click here.

Felt Sculpture – dates during August 2017
This workshop is an introduction to felt making for beginners. Participants will work through the stages of making and produce simple pieces of their own. The group will work on making a at work (such as a fish) and a 3D vessel inspired by a sculpture (possibly a boat, a cup or a bowl) from the exhibition. To book, click here.

Junk Sculpture – Children (indoor): The Animals
This workshop for children will focus on individual creativity. Participants will have access to a wide range of junk materials and, inspired by the sculptures in the exhibition, will be encouraged to choose to construct an animal that they would like to put on Noah’s Ark. Attendees can explore ideas around construction and assembly and will be encouraged to use junk packaging and text from magazines to collage their animals, giving them a context of consumerism, waste and pollution.  To book, click here.

Junk Sculpture – Families (Outdoor) – all events have now passed.
Thank you to those that took part; why not share your creations with us on Twitter at @ChesterCath