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Tudor Change and Cestrian Worship

Come looking for a bit more information about the impact of Elizabeth I’s reign on Chester? Find out more below!

The reign of Elizabeth I brought a hefty amount of change to Cestrian worship. In restoring England back to Protestantism, Elizabeth sent a letter to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners dated 22 January 1561. She ordered the Ten Commandments – a Decalogue – to be set up at the east end of the sanctuary in all English churches. The Decalogue was to be placed where the Altar had formerly been. This would demonstrate the tension between the legal written power of the state over the sacramental power of the church which was rife during the period of the Reformation. The Cathedral accounts of Autumn 1561 show that a ‘table of commandments’ was purchased, showing that Elizabeth’s reign had an impact on the interior design of the Cathedral itself (as well as religious practice more generally)! 

And what about the Mystery Plays?

You can find out more about the history of the plays and how to attend their 2023 cycle here.