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Christian Aid updates

from Mary Sawyer

Monday 10 May – Sunday 16 May 2021 is Christian Aid Week.
This year it is more important than ever to give to Christian Aid.  People throughout the world are suffering directly from Covid, but also indirectly, as many markets for their produce are closed wholly or partially.  And this is on top of the enormous suffering already inflicted on many societies by climate change, even as it remains fairly theoretical for those in northerly zones.  For a second year most fundraising activities are impossible; few people in Chester will find a collection envelope on their doormat, and it has not been possible to organise our usual bucket-collection outside the Cathedral.  So it’s up to us as physical or virtual members of the congregation to give generously.

There will be a Christian Aid preacher, Pete Moorey, on Sunday 16 May, followed by a retiring collection.  If you attend the services through YouTube, or if you find it more convenient, you can give online directly here (Christian Aid nationally is encouraging this this year).  However, we shall still certainly welcome donations at the Cathedral.  As we know that many people now are carrying little cash, there will be Christian Aid donation envelopes available at the end of the 10am service on Sunday 9 May, so that you can bring them back on the 16 May.  Please also take envelopes for friends and family who might like to give.  There is a possibility Christian Aid may provide a contactless payment machine on the 16 May, but please don’t rely on this.

You can follow this link to find out more about Christian Aid’s climate change focus here.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday 12 May, 7.30pm – 9pm at St Mary Handbridge, Trevor Dennis and friends will be offering their third evening of Bible stories, poetry and music.  Amazingly, the first two raised over £7000, which shows what determination and lots of hard work can achieve.  The event will focus on women’s voices in the Bible, together with music by women composers.  To reserve seats, or for any enquiries, please email Trevor here or ring 01244 638441.

Thank you to everyone.