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Desert Island Discs

One of my favourite radio shows is Desert Island Discs. It was first broadcast in January 1942 and brought relief to many on their wirelesses during the war.  Listening to music can help brighten the long days that many are experiencing in being in lock down or isolation. As we’re all roughly in the same position, I thought it would be great to think of one piece of music that we’re perhaps listening or love, that gives us hope and brings God’s presence to us on our desert islands at this time.  As we prepare to celebrate Ascension Day on 21 May, I’m asking whether you can share your choice that will hopefully raise our prayers and presence to God.

Many of our great psalmists, hymn and song writers speak of their faith in journeying with God in hard times – whether it be the psalmists themselves, the likes of John Bunyan in Pilgrim’s Progress or St John Henry Newman Lead kindly Light amidst the encircling gloom or Kendrick’s Servant King or M People’s Search for the hero inside yourself until you find the key to your life.

If you listen to Desert Island Discs  you’ll know how each castaway is asked to select 8 discs through the programme; at the end Lauren Laverne however asks “if the waves were to come to the shore and you had to run to save one of them, which one would it be?”  So what raises your hopes and brings you light in the lock down? Could you send me your choice – saying what it means to you and how it helps bring you to God in this lock down time.  I need to receive this by next Monday – 11 May.

Email Jeremy here.

From:Jeremy Dussek
Wednesday 6 May 2020