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The Knit One Share One exhibition at Chester Cathedral

As our Knit One Share One project fast approaches – here’s an overview of what will be happening, and how you can get involved.

So much of what we do relies on the generosity of our volunteers so we’re extremely grateful to those who can give their with their time and expertise.

Please read the information below to learn more:

Key information:

Knit One Share One

  • Aims– engage with the community, outreach to children and young people, provide practical support to the local community, teach people to knit,  draw people to the cathedral and add value to the visitor experience.
  • The exhibition will include– 33 knitted three D scenes from the bible plus some knitted nativities.  We will set up a ‘living room’ with comfy armchairs around the fireplace where people can drop in and out freely to knit and natter, learn to knit for the first time perhaps, meet new people, share skills etc.
  • The exhibition will run – Saturday 12 January – Wednesday  6 February
  • Opening hours   10am – 3pm Monday to Saturday, and 1pm – 3pm Sunday (although the exhibition will probably remain open for people to wander around until the cathedral closes at 5pm but will be confirmed)
  • Location– The Chapter House
  • In order to help us engage with the local community we’ve partnered with Chester’s ShareShop– follow the link for information about them To go alongside the exhibition, we’ll be donating hats, scarves, gloves to be passed on to the local homeless community and people in need.
  • The River of Life– Another addition to the exhibition and a link in with the cathedrals 2019 theme of water is that we will be crafting a giant river flowing from the Chapter House into the cathedral, which will be made from lots and lots of scarves. We have an artist who will be coming in to help us make it look really lovely (rather than just a pile of scarves left on the floor..). We’re hoping to pop some knitted sea creatures on the river, perhaps children might like to make a felt or card fish to feature in the river, wishes on the back of cardboard fish can be hung from the ceiling or placed in the river as well – these can be made through children’s workshops that are scheduled or could be available all of the time for as and when families come into the building. The idea is that once the exhibition is over we can take the river apart and give the scarves away so there’s no waste at all.
  • We hope to have shiny fish that youngsters can drop in and colour to add to our river.
  • We hope to deliver knit and natter sessions and workshops.
  • The cathedral gift shop has already started stocking an inspirational range of books and products to inspire people to get involved and start knitting.
  • In order to promote the exhibition we will produce a series of posters, e-shots, feature in leaflets and various publications etc.  To make a statement from the outside and to draw visitors into the building we will be doing some ‘yarn bombing’ – we hope to produce a long trail of knitted bunting that can be hung from the railings leading around the garden and to the front door. We are also hoping to have a giant ball of wool and needles outside the front door.

Calling all knitters!

How can you get involved?

There are so many ways that you and your friends/families can get involved and help us and the community. We need knitters of all ages and skill levels so please, please pass this information on to anyone you may know. We will follow this email up with a poster (pdf copy) as soon as possible which can be printed and popped up in your local area or anywhere that will take one. We need:

  • Lots and lots of knitted triangles for our yarn bombing bunting – about the size of an A4 page (15cm across, 30 cm long) – these will be needed as soon as possible, before Christmas so that they can be hung in the week or so before the launch of the exhibition. See pattern below.Knitted hats, scarves, gloves which can be donated by dropping them into the wool bag near the welcome desk in the cathedral. There are patterns available to pick up from the welcome desk also and if anyone needs any needles, we have a small selection of those available as well – please just ask when you pop in.
  • Lots and lots of scarves for the River of Life – these need to be in river colours preferably so greens, blues, greys and silvers. It might be nice if some have some shimmery wool or something to catch the eye. Knitted fish or sea creatures would be beautiful to make the river come alive.
  • People to man the exhibition– to chat to visitors passing, introduce them to the exhibition, knitting and our aims/community links. Volunteers can staff the exhibition from 10am – 12.30pm or 1pm – 3pm (or the whole day if you’re feeling energetic!) Please see the rota attached and let us know which dates/times that you can help. We’ll fill in the gaps and confirm who is doing what/when asap.
  • Anyone that can run workshops or deliver knitting lessons etc – we will try and get a programme of activity together and do as much as we can with the time that we have but we need your help as the experts!

Please do get in touch with any/all of us using the contact details below if you can help or have any thoughts or ideas that will help us deliver the project. We’re hoping it’s going to be something really wonderful and we look forward to welcoming lots of new faces to our cathedral family. I appreciate this is a long email with lots of information, so thank you for reading this far!


  • Sue Petranca, Exhibitions Manager – – 01244 500961
  • Chloe Cheadle, Visitor Reception Manager – – 01244 500958
  • Dani O’ Sullivan, Visitor Engagement Manager – – 01244 699044

We look forward to working alongside you all.