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The Dalit Collection
Various images, c. 21st century

Prints from original paintings
Compiled by Jasmine and Jacob Devadason, Chester Diocese

The Dalit Collection
A collection of prints produced from the paintings of two Dalit artists who have been able to share their work through this exhibition.

Rev. Jebasingh Samuel – was born and brought up in a small village near Madurai, Tamilnadu, South India. He is a Dalit (the so called untouchables), had experienced the common plight of oppression, untouchability and marginalisation. He studied his theology (Bachelor of Divinity) at Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, Arasarai, Madurai, South India. Rev. Samuel is an Ordained Vicar, serving as a priest at the Jaffna Diocese, Church of South India, in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He advocates tirelessly against caste violence and oppression. He also serves among the tea estates workers for their rights and justice.

Immanuel Paul Vivekanandh Karunakaran
Rev. Immanuel Karunakaran is an ordained minister in the Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church (TELC) Tamilnadu, South India and has served as the Communications Secretary and Coordinator of the Dalit and Advasi (Tribal) Desk of the United Evangelical Lutheran Churches in India. With degrees in Theology from Gurukul Lutheran Theological College and Research Institute, Chennai, South India and McComic Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL. Immanuel is currently a Ph.D research student at Chicago in the field of Ethics, Church and Society. An activist, scholar and pastor serving the local Church in Chicago. Married to Cynthia Esther Varghese. They are blessed with two daughters – Sheryl & Maryl.

The Wearer of PPE
‘So many people are dying and many people have this question – where is God? I see God with this coat and mask. If we are one body we cannot say – I don’t have infection, as we are all infected, and God is also infected and suffers suffocation along with everyone who doesn’t have oxygen… suffers death along with everyone, cries along with everyone . All of us created in the image of God, and God is dying alongside everyone who is dying … dealing with death is not an easy task… the suffering of the world is also the suffering of Christ … Christ is not a bystander to whom we plead, ask, show anger. We must see him as a co-sufferer …

The goodness of Christ/God is more important now than the Power of God… embracing powerlessness and vulnerability is embracing Christ. Suffering Christ with the suffering communities

Riding into Jerusalem
Lonely, without palm leaves and clothes, but still Christ comes as we shout Hosanna in this difficult time.
(Jasmine and Revd Dr Jacob Devadason – Vicar of Heald Green)