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Is Anybody Out There?

by David Diggory

Is anybody out there?
I’d really like to know.
The streets are all but empty,
And no-one lives below.

I manage to go shopping,
The smiles in short supply;
I know there is this virus,
And that’s the reason why.

The world that’s slowly turning,
Does seem a sombre place,
As everything around us,
Adopts a slower pace.

But birds at dawn are calling,
Yes, I can hear them now;
They’re singing their sweet hearts out,
While Nature can allow.

The city’s pall is rising,
That we see clear again,
And cleaner streams are running,
By farmhouse, field and fen.

Some people are restoring
Relationships once lost,
Aware that, in the losing,
They found a hidden cost.

The social media’s helping —
It has done from the start;
There’s Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter,
To play a vital part.

There’s no doubt of improvement,
But we must not forget,
The darkness that surrounds us,
No light has entered yet.

Nor all the brave, brave people,
Who stand in harm’s dread way,
Compelled by their compassion,
To dare to work each day.

We stand here and salute you,
Are grateful for your care,
And know your dedication,
Is God in action, there.

Though we confront much trouble,
The goodness that’s divine,
That holds and so consoles us,
Is free, and yours and mine.

And there’s the consolation,
For one could never know,
Without travail and turmoil,
Nobility below.

Hence, when I lie here thinking,
While shadows pale to sun,
I trust the present glory,
Since first the Earth was spun.

It is not vacant dreaming,
That we shall hear and see,
The life of love and laughter,
As always meant to be.

David Diggory
April 2020