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Oratory for the Chapel of the Virgin Mary

In the hamlet where our family farm is, there is a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, we know it as Notre dame de Montpetot (name of the hamlet). You have to realise that we are in the mountain, in the middle of fields and forest with only two other farms making up this hamlet.  My family has been there since before the French revolution; I think early 17th century.

So, this chapel is very important to my family, and we always pray to Notre Dame, for helping guiding us to God and His love and protection, in thankfulness too.

We have been praying as a family over the wonders of the internet in that traditional manner more so recently. So I thought that I would make an oratory to help me focus and be closer to home. It took me quite a lot of searching and planning and crafting.

Funny how by doing it, I understand even more so how when making anything for God, you want it beautiful, because it is showing your devotion and love.  So in my puny way I understand how those wonderful cathedral, chapel and church builders wanted to give all they had.

The chapel was built in 1626 when a grateful survivor of the Barbary slave trade came home clutching the wooden statue of the Virgin Mary and Christ child, now encased in the reliquary, his pure conviction that he was saved from slavery and survived the stormy crossing of the Mediterranean is why we have this beautiful chapel in the midst of forest and field.

Laure Reed
Cathedral Gift Shop Manager