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O Ye Whales and all that move in the waters, bless ye the Lord; praise him and magnify him for ever. (Benedicite)

“Humpback, Eleven O’clock !” It is hard to express the excitement felt by whale-watchers when the look-out spots one of these magnificent creatures.
Apart from their size it is the mysterious nature of whales that fascinates many people.We seldom see more than a small part of the body except when a humpback leaps out of the water as an expression of joy. Communication between whales is very advanced with their sounds carrying many miles through the water. Curiosity is another feature,especially off the coast of Argentina where Southern Right Whales come near to the boats to the delight of whale watchers. Despite the tale of Moby Dick whales are mainly peaceful creatures with the exception of orcas who are skilled predators. In the same way as human beings can be recognised by their finger prints, researchers can identify individual whales by the shape, notches and markings on the “fluke” as the whale dives (see picture).

These incredibly intelligent mammals were nearly hunted to extinction but hopefully world opinion has finally turned against their wholesale slaughter.

Bill and Maggie Amos