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Prayer’s during these challenging times

During this crucial time, if you have anyone or any situation you would like to remember in our prayers, please contact Jane Jones who is co-ordinating a special list. Confidentially will be respected, if requested.

Prayers for the Week (Week Commencing Monday 25 July 2021)

Prayers for those with Special Concerns – Pauline, Pam, Peter
Prayers for the Departed – Winnie Vernon

Jeremy, Sally, Tricia, Jen, Sarah, Keith, Corentyn, Neil, Matt, Nella
On this National Schizophrenia Awareness Day. Pray for all who live with this condition, and for a greater understanding of their issues and needs. Mental health facilities have come under great pressure over the past year and a half – pray that they may be properly and fully resourced as the effects of the Covid Pandemic are felt
+ Great Budworth Deanery: Aston by Sutton, Little Leigh and Lower Whitley. Collette Jones
+ Anglican Communion: Delaware, USA (Province III,TEC) – The Rt Revd Kevin Scott Brown.

Tim, Alan, Lorna, Elaine, Nick, Magda, Helen, Tom R, Heather D, Ian, Chloe
In this National Marine Week, we pray for the environment and pray for those taking part in activities to protect small creatures and their environment, and to reduce litter and waste
+  Great Budworth Deanery: Sir Thomas Boteler CofE High School
+ Anglican Communion: Delhi (Church of North India) – The Rt Revd Warris Masih

Sarah, John, Michelle, Naomi, Dominic, Adrian, Hannah, Carolyn, Caterina, Alex
Pray for Christians in in Iran, following the election of a new leader. Pray for the continued tensions of the Middle East, and the nuclear capabilities of both Israel and Iran. Pray there may not be a hardening of attitudes, and that a meaningful dialogue between the West and Iran may continue. Remember also the people of Haiti following the murder of their President
+ Congleton Deanery: Steve Clapham, Rural Dean and the many parishes in this part of rural Cheshire
+ Anglican Communion: Derby (England) – The Rt Revd Libby Lane; Suffragan – The Rt Revd Malcolm Macnaughton (Repton).

Jane, Kevin, Christine, Jon, Calvin, Gareth, Suzi, Francis, Zoe, Matty, Amy
Today the Church commemorates Mary, Martha and Lazarus, companions of Jesus. Pray for the work of the Society of Mary and Martha at Sheldon, Exeter, providing solace and support for clergy and other ministers and their families, offering and enabling retreats, as well as an on-line. Pray for many clergy in the Diocese feeling exhausted and for the Diocesan programme which promotes the wellbeing of clergy and other ministers
On Sundays through August, the Gospel readings focus on John 6: Jesus the Bread of Life. Pray for the work of Transforming Lives Together that seek to bring about bringing hospitality – this week we’re praying for for the many churches across the Diocese who are helping to fulfil this through Places of Welcome
+ Congleton Deanery: Alsager St Mary Magdalene. Michelle Goodrich, Jim Britcliffe
+ Anglican Communion: Derry & Raphoe (Church of Ireland) – The Rt Revd Andrew Forster.

Tom, Janet, Ted, James, Emily, Kate, Philip, Lizzie, David, Susan
Today is the World Day against the Trafficking of Persons. Pray for the Anti-slavery campaign in the Cathedral and the Diocese. The Church also remembers the anti-slavery campaigners William Wilberforce, Olaudah Equiano and Thomas Clarkson. Pray for the freedom of those who are still treated as possessions by others
Zoe and Hannah from Admissions who are leaving the Cathedral – giving thanks for their ministry with us in welcoming people
+ Congleton Deanery: Alsager Christ Church, Daran Ward, Heather Kemball
+ Anglican Communion: Dhaka (Church of Bangladesh) – The Rt Revd Paul Shishir Sarker