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Virtual Saturday Singing Club

by Tim McLachlan

As part of the Cathedral’s continuing ministry to young people during the lockdown our Saturday Singing Club has been meeting virtually. Following consultation with the Cathedral Safeguarding Officer to ensure preparations for the children to be safe and for arrangements to be in line with Church of England guidance, the first Virtual Saturday Singing Club was held on Saturday 23 May and has met each week until Saturday 18 July.

Led entirely by volunteers Tim McLachlan, Janet Buckmaster and Jackie Rainsforth, the Virtual Saturday Singing Club delivered a free weekly hour of singalong to popular songs from 10.30am each Saturday morning. Songs included Disney classics from The Lion King, Frozen, Aladdin, Mary Poppins and the Jungle Book as well as High School Musical, ‘Shotgun’, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, ‘Reach’ by S Club 7 and Abba’s ‘Thank you for the Music’.

As well as singing a whole range of songs, there were vocal warm ups, learning musical intervals and rhythms and a very popular online version of the ‘Music Detective’ game. There was also a theme each week which ranged from Harry Potter to Movie Animals, and Disney to the young people’s favourite fiction and non-fiction books.

In total, 26 different young people attended the 9 weeks of online sessions culminating in a singalong of favourites on Saturday 18 July. This included seven of the Cathedral Choristers who attend as helpers, the majority having been former members of the Singing Club.

The Saturday Singing Club will meet again virtually on Saturday 5 September 2020. It will continue to meet virtually until safe to meet face-to-face following the return of the Cathedral Choir, whenever that is confirmed. If you know of a primary school age child who would like to join the Virtual Saturday Singing Club please contact Tim McLachlan to register on 07950 610055 / email: