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Chester Cathedral In LEGO

350,000 LEGO bricks!

In one of the most ambitious build projects of the last few years, Chester Cathedral is being recreated, brick by brick, using LEGO pieces.

The model base measures 4m x 2m and it’s only when you are standing next to it that you realise the scale of this project. We’ve built some ‘special features’ too, including the Grand Organ, the Quire Stalls and the War Memorial – all created with LEGO.

Our LEGO builders have been working every day, since our launch day, on an absolutely enormous set of instructions – and you can help them!


£1 = 1 LEGO brick!

You can help keep our model growing, and for a good cause…

Every £1 donation, which gives you one brick to add to the cathedral, goes towards the Chester Cathedral Education Trust Fund, enabling us to continue our fantastic work with schools across Cheshire and beyond.

Starting to build the South Transept Window in LEGO

South Transept Window

Success to-date on the South Transept Window in LEGO

Throughout the 2018 Chester Mystery Plays we called upon the visiting audience to help us build one complete module – the South Transept Window. They helped us build one-quarter of this 2,500 piece module, and we now continue to build the window.

You can help – visit Chester Cathedral in LEGO and add some bricks to the South Transept Window today, tomorrow or this weekend…

Brick Count

Here’s our brick count as we start August 2018!

Come along and help our brick count to increase.  You directly contribute to the growth and success of Chester Cathedral in LEGO!  At the start of August, you’ve helped us place 143,103 bricks onto the Chester Cathedral in LEGO model.  For an up-to-date count, visit the cathedral and speak with one of our LEGO volunteers.



Special Features

In the next few weeks, we’ll present several exciting special features which organisations or individuals could sponsor, and help us develop Chester Cathedral in LEGO further.