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An extraordinary year of special events centred around the theme of water

Welcome to waves

It is easy to take water for granted but it is water that makes our wonderful world the beautiful and living place that it is. We find water in a delicate balance with dry ground at the very beginning of creation but today politics and climate change threaten the balance. In some parts of the world people are denied access to water; in other parts flooding and rising sea levels threaten livelihoods. We want to provoke thought over the course of the next year about how we care for and abuse the world God has given us. And the Gospels tell us that Jesus was baptised in water, walked on water, turned water into wine and described himself as living water, the water of life. What is all that about then? This is what waves is set to explore.

Two Twisted by David Mach

David Mach RA returns to Chester Cathedral once again with a brand new installation entitled Two Twisted. Known for creating art on an often epic scale, Mach will not disappoint with raw materials which include sea containers, cars, steel girders and multiple tonnes of newsprint. “We’ll bring the outside world into the cathedral and activate it in a different way, layering the material rhythmically in a performance that almost becomes like a dance repeating again and again the action that sees the work to existence.” Open now until Monday 20 May.

Forthcoming waves events

Waves lecture: ‘Baptism in a Missional Church’ | 6.30pm
Thursday 9 May

Please note: due to unforeseen circumstances, this lecture has been postponed.  A new date will be advised in due course.

The regular diet in most churches today revolves around a Sunday morning Holy Communion often described as the Main Service. Jesus did after all say,

“Do this in remembrance of me.” But these services are mostly for the faithful, committed and Confirmed. In our post-Christendom age do we need to hear more prominently Jesus command, “Go and baptise peoples everywhere”? What place then should Baptism have in the worship of today’s church and how should we organise ourselves and construct services to make Baptism accessible? Dean of Chester, Tim Stratford will explore this through a lecture and discussion. The event is open to all and may be especially of interest to leaders in parish churches.

Tickets £3

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‘River of Life’ and ‘On The Edge Of’ Dual Textile Exhibition
Tuesday 4 June – Sunday 30 June

Small waves will be visible in this double act.  ‘The River of Life’ textile exhibition by textile artist Jacqui Frost from her ‘threads through life and faith’ series, commissioned by the Deo Gloria Trust.

Alongside this will be the work of local artist group ‘Textile 21’, ‘On The Edge Of.’ This exhibition gives each person in the group a chance to explore what the broad subject of ‘The Sea’ means to them.

Full details can be found below.

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Waves Organ Recital with Philip Rushforth | 1.10pm
Thursday 6 June

Cathedral Director of Music, Philip Rushforth performs an epic recital of organ music that reflects the theme of water.

With superb works by Bach, Handel (excerpts from his famous Water Music) and even a piece commemorating the sinking of the Titanic, the glorious cathedral organ will be put through its paces with an eclectic mix of music. Philip will also perform an arrangement for organ of Hamish MacCunn’s colourful orchestral work The Land of the Mountain and the Flood.

There will be something for everyone in this unique event.

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Waves lecture: ‘Water; Life or Death’ | 6.30pm
Thursday 11 July

Vice Dean and Canon Missioner of Chester Cathedral, Jane Brooke discusses how climate change is affecting the lives of people in Melanesia especially through rising sea levels.  The Anglican province of Melanesia is linked with the Diocese of Chester through diocesan visits and school contacts.

Canon Jane will be visiting the area in June where she will be training clergy, visiting schools and hearing about the impact of climate change.

Tickets £3

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the DEEP – a world premiere brick exhibition
Tuesday 16 July – Saturday 7 September

This summer, journey with us, beneath the waves at our world premiere exhibition – The Deep – made with LEGO® bricks.

Come face-to-face with a 1.75 metre yellow tuna fish – made of 13,000 bricks; a fearsome Mako Shark created with 80,000 bricks and a massive giant squid containing 120,000 bricks which is 2.7 metres tall!

An event not to be missed.

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