Assemble at Chester Cathedral - Chester Cathedral

Assemble at Chester Cathedral

30 April 2024 at 6:45pm

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Can peace exist in a world with religion?

Chester Cathedral is many things to many people, and we want to be a place where people gather to discuss the BIG topics. Assemble is an invitation to come and hear engaging speakers on topics that are relevant in our modern world.

Our second Assemble will explore Can peace exist in a world with religion? As we settle into 2024 large parts of our world continue to live through devastating armed conflicts. Religious differences instigate or fuel many of these conflicts and make us question whether peace is an achievable goal for humanity.

Speakers to include Prof Caroline Tee (University of Chester) and Peter Gaskin (Member of the Humanist Congregation).

Join us to explore this pertinent question.

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Refreshments available from 6.15pm

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30 April 2024
Café 1092
Chester Cathedral
St Werbergh Street
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