Bishop takes his seat at Chester Cathedral - Chester Cathedral

Bishop takes his seat at Chester Cathedral

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The Bishop of Chester, Mark Tanner, will be formally enthroned at Chester Cathedral today in a service which will be live-streamed on YouTube.

Speaking ahead of the occasion, Bishop Mark said:
“This service has, rightly, been delayed because of the pandemic, and it has been good to be present and prayerful over the last year. I’m delighted that I can now take the traditional episcopal seat in Chester Cathedral, the mother church of the diocese. I do so in the knowledge that the task of leading the diocese forward is one that I cannot do alone.

“In the short 12 months I have been the Bishop of Chester, I have met some of you, some of you online, and I shall enjoy meeting many more of you over the coming months and years. One of the many things I am looking forward to, as lockdown eases, is bringing people together again, helping our communities and churches to flourish, and to see in full colour once more the richness of life and the face-to-face interactions we have so dearly missed.

“We are a people of community and connection, and so, as you pray for me, I will be praying for you and for all people in the Diocese of Chester, that, with the blessing of God, we may step out in confidence to sing a joyful new song for the whole diocese and all those we serve.”

The Dean of Chester, the Very Revd Tim Stratford, who will preside at the service, said:
“The cathedra, the physical seat of the diocesan bishop, has lain empty for some time now, so it is with gladness and with joy that we welcome Bishop Mark into Chester Cathedral to take his seat at the heart of the diocese as he leads us in this new chapter for our region.”

Bishop Mark formally and legally took up his episcopal duties in July 2020 but was unable to be enthroned at Chester Cathedral, a tradition that goes back centuries.

A bishop’s enthronement can only take place once he or she has paid homage to the Monarch. Bishop Mark was afforded this honour in May 2021, almost a year after he legally took up his episcopal duties.

After speaking with the Queen via video link, Bishop Mark commented: 
“I was honoured to be able to pay homage to her Majesty the Queen and to pass on the greetings and prayers of the whole diocese at this time. We are, and I am, blessed to have the support and prayers of such a wise and faithful Monarch.”

The symbolic enthronement service marks the final stage in the appointment of Bishop Mark as the diocesan Bishop of Chester. In May 2021, the Revd Julie Conalty and the Revd Sam Corley were announced as the next suffragan Bishops of Birkenhead and Stockport. They will be consecrated at York Minster in July. Their appointments complete the new episcopal team for the Diocese of Chester.

Kevin Baxter

Communications Director

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